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For Sale: Fully Built Monster 1993 3000GT Twin Turbo VR-4

Twin-Turbo, Fully Built Super-Car Killer

Do You Dare?  The Faint of Heart Need Not Apply

Killer looks and moves.

SOLD Apr 13, 2012:  The 3000GT is now sold to a new owner that will treat her right and enjoy her as she deserves.  This article will remain for posterity. 

I would like to thank Rick @ RT Motorsport for building this wonderfully manic car for me, it was a labour of love and he built it as if it was his own.  In some ways he will miss this car more than I.  Not only did he build this car but he also was the quarterback of the team, having the engine built by Gord @ Gord Bush Performance and tuned by Paul @ Neetronics.  Cheers to you Gord and Paul, you are masters of your domain.  Rick, well done and know that your work will be greatly enjoyed and live on. 

RT Motorsport
905-669-8444, 70 Snidercroft Rd, Unit A, Concord, Ontario L4K 2K3

Gord Bush Performance
416-259-9700,  49 Fima Crescent, Etobicoke, ON M8W3R1

416-848-0653,  559 Speers Rd, Oakville, Ontario, L6K 2G4

Also, a special thanks to Jack at KKT Auto Collision for his deft hands and keen skill at building me a wildly unique but OEM-looking front bumper.  I have received many positive comments and feedback from car enthusiasts about the GT’s smile, which is a testament to Jack’s amazing work.  

KKT Auto Collision Ltd.
905-472-1115, 20 Heritage Rd Markham, Unit 12, ON L3P 3P3

Finally, to the new owner of the GT, who we’ll call Wilhelm, I bid you all the best.  She is a very special car and I encourage you to drive her as often as possible, keep her safe, and above all have fun.  Salut!

Update Apr 7, 2012:  The GT is back up for sale after taking it off the market for the winter.  The snow has all melted, the road salt has been washed away and the weather is warm enough for driving this exceptional beast on Ontario roads again.

Your eyes play over the milky pearl white curves, the two pert bumps up front, and the sweeping silky rakish lines that lead to the sculpted voluptuous rear end.  It sits low and just so, comfortable with its taut muscles bulging over its tight skin, like a member of the women’s Olympic swim team in a slinky evening gown.  Climb in, fire it up and listen to that fiendish noise.  A low rumble tickles down your spine and entices you to reveal its hidden secrets.  Sliding through the gears you hold 3rd, hard on the throttle and feel the revs and your pulse rise at an alarming rate.  3000 RPMs and you’re kicked hard in the gut as you’re pinned in the seat riding a tidal wave of monumental torque all the way to 6500 RPM.  POWER!!!!

Welcome to the world of super-car performance embodied in this astonishing, fully built, twin-turbo, rocket-ship with killer looks and moves.  Do you dare?  The faint of heart need not apply.

For Sale Essentials

  • Price:  Serious Buyers Only, No Test Pilots, No Trades
  • Contact Info:  Your NAME and PHONE NUMBER REQUIRED.
  • Location:  Markham, Ontario, Canada
  • Make and Model:  1993 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4
  • Colour:  Pearl White OEM original paint
  • Transmission:  5-Speed Manual
  • Power:  550+ all-wheel horsepower, 530+ all-wheel lb-ft torque
  • Chassis Mileage:  ~49,000 miles
  • Built Engine Mileage:  ~3000 miles
  • Condition:  Near Mint, no rust, beautiful paint, super-clean interior
  • State of Tune:  Super high-performance, highly modified by team of professionals, well-sorted and well-balanced
  • Insurance:  Eligible for Silver Wheel Plan cheap insurance
  • Peace of Mind:  Never winter, rarely rain driven.  Never abused, never drag raced, never standing launched!  Tracked occasionally prior to build, on-track test and tuned after.

Mitsubishi 3000GT aka Mitsubishi GTO

The Mitsubishi 3000GT, or GTO in Japan, is one of the all time great sports cars to emerge from the land of the rising sun in the mid 1990s.  By today’s standards its twin-turbo 300 crank horsepower, all wheel drive system, and grand touring athletics may not seem terribly impressive … but I present this stunningly beautiful example that backs up its finely chiseled good looks with heart-stopping performance.

Mesmerizing good looks hint at what lies beneath.

This is Power – 550AWHP and 530AWTQ

This fire-breathing all-wheel-drive 1993 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 monster has been painstakingly built over the course of a year and a half by a team of highly-skilled professionals to achieve over 550 all-wheel horsepower and 530 lb-ft all-wheel torque.  A keen eye can clearly see from the dyno chart that this isn’t a peaky spiking one-trick pony.  This my friend is known as a fat torque curve, capable of unleashing ferocious levels of bone-crushing thrust at the drop of a hat.

Over 550 all-wheel horsepower and over 530 all-wheel lb-ft of torque

The Origins Story

This US-spec 1993 3000GT VR-4 was originally purchased by my friend in Grand Rapids Michigan brand new, right off the lot.  It was immediately brought back to Canada, licensed and leisurely driven in stock form for about 5 years until he moved overseas.  Not wanting to part with his baby he stored the car for 4 to 5 years in another friend’s garage, hoping one day to permanently return to Toronto.  By 2004 he realized that he would never return and that his car needed someone to provide the care, love and attention that he couldn’t.  That’s where I come in, rescuing the GT from its dark garage-kept exile … liberating it from under the dusty car cover.  Over the course of 7 years I have cared, crafted and fine-tuned it into the incredibly mad machine that you see today.

7 years crafting and fine tuning

Shortly after purchasing the GT I went about taking care of all the maintenance items that were long overdue.  Brand new belts, balljoints, bushings, fluids, and all the TLC needed to bring it back to its original glory was performed.  Being a car enthusiast I quickly went to work on basic performance upgrades like suspension, rims and tires, bolt-on engine parts and such.  It performed quite well producing over 300awhp on the stock turbos but in 2009 the “more power” itch hit and I decided to go BIG and unlock its true potential.

Emergence, An All New Level

In the skillful hands of Rick at RT Motorsport we planned and executed a tasteful, yet potent turbo upgrade project.  Our guiding principles:  big reliable power and balanced performance.  Over the next year and a half the engine came out and was masterfully machined, tweaked and assembled by Gord Bush Performance.  The motor was then meticulously built by Rick with bullet-proof forged internals by Ross and Pauter.  Two legendary Garrett GT-2860R “disco potato” ball-bearing turbos were mated to custom stainless-steel plumbing to provide reliable yet staggering performance.  All aspects of the GT’s power-plant, cooling, fueling, suspension, and brakes were balanced and built to exacting standards with the highest quality parts from AEM, HKS, Mishimoto, Tial, ACT, RPS, Vibrant, and Carbotech to name but a few.

For the next critical phase of the project, the AEM EMS (engine management system) was expertly tuned and tested by Paul at Neetronic.  Over numerous marathon sessions on the 4-wheel drive DynoJet, load dyno, the street and the track we were able to produce the incredible figures that we see here.  This shapely beast is capable of hanging with and humiliating the big boys with its dangerous level of acceleration and 4-wheel drive grip.

Neetronic dyno tuning

Don’t think the GT is all go and no show, because the final stage of the project involved cleaning up the front-end for form and function.  The front bumper was custom made by Jack at KKT Auto featuring large bumper openings for maximum airflow to the intercooler, radiator, oil cooler and front wheel wells.  Rick also fashioned custom radiator baffles and a fully functional undertray to direct the fresh air into and through the critical cooling components.  The car was then lovingly detailed inside and out with products including Mothers claybar, Sonus acrylic detailer, Klasse paint polish and sealant, and Zaino leather cleaner and treatment.

Since the finished build I have enjoyed my time with the 3000GT greatly, taking it on fun weekend runs and leisurely driving vacations.  Alas, for me the story comes to an end as I must part with this mad beast and move on to the next project.  Do you dare take up the mantle to tame this turbo-powered monster?

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts

What follows is a rather extensive and comprehensive list of all the parts and work that have gone into my beloved 3000GT.  What can’t be captured is the passion and soul that results from the summation of these seemingly mundane products.  The growl of the motor, the whoosh of the turbos, the howling of the throttle and the pop of the blow-off can’t be described in such clumsy terms.

That said I’m sure I’ve missed a number of parts and services performed on this well loved machine, so please feel free to ask.


  • Manufactured in August of 1992, over 18 years old
  • Extremely low mileage ~49,000 miles on the chassis
  • Brand new fully-built engine ~3000 miles by Gord Bush Performance
  • Vehicle build and maintenance performed by RT Motorsport
  • AEM EMS engine management expertly tuned by Neetronic, producing over 550AWHP and 530AWTQ
  • Absolutely NO rust anywhere
  • Meticulously detailed, mint exterior, yearly claybar, Klasse polish and sealant
  • Oil Rust Check rust-proof performed in 2004 when I bought the car (preventative)
  • Never winter driven
  • Full interior in mint condition
  • Electronic climate control, heat and AC fully working
  • Retains OEM original all-wheel-drive and all-wheel steering systems

Under the covers, revealing the beast within

Internal Engine Modifications

  • Ross custom forged pistons 8.5:1, upgraded rings and wrist-pins
  • Pauter forged billet connecting rods
  • Clevite 77 bearings
  • Gord Bush Performance 3-angle valve job
  • Gord Bush Performance micro-polished crank
  • OEM Mitsubishi MLS headgasket
  • OEM Mitsubishi head bolts
  • OEM Mitsubishi main bolts
  • OEM Mitsubishi 1999 lifters
  • Engine fully built by the master himself at Gord Bush Performance

One of the two giant snails while the engine was out

Engine, Turbo and Fuel

  • Garrett GT2860R “disco-potato” ball-bearing turbos x 2
  • Tial external wastegates x 2
  • AEM EMS with GM MAP sensor
  • HKS SSQV blow off valve
  • Ultimate Racing custom 880cc injectors by Johnson
  • AEM EMS fully tuned by Paul at Neetronic
  • RT Motorsport custom stainless-steel intake manifold
  • RT Motorsport custom stainless-steel exhaust manifolds
  • ACE stainless-steel custom manifold flanges
  • RT Motorsport custom stainless-steel intercooler piping
  • RT Motorsport custom stainless-steel dump pipes
  • Polyurethane motor mounts
  • HKS high-performance air filters x 2
  • Powder-coated candy-red valve covers
  • Brushed aluminum valve cover plate
  • OEM Mitsubishi oil pump and gasket
  • OEM Mitsubishi water pump and gasket
  • OEM Mitsubishi timing belt
  • OEM Mitsubishi accessory belts
  • OEM Mitsubishi oil pan gasket
  • New OEM Mitsubishi AC condenser
  • Walbro 255 fuel pumps x 3 (yes THREE)
  • Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator and gauge
  • RT Motorsport custom dual feed fuel rails
  • Custom aluminum remote fuel reservoir
  • Fully braided stainless-steel fuel lines and AN fittings
  • Vibrant 4-ply reinforced silicone connectors throughout
  • V-band couplers throughout
  • T-bolt clamps throughout
  • ACT HDSS (heavy-duty street clutch) – heavy!
  • RPS Cyn-R-G Segmented billet light-weight flywheel
  • Conventional engine oil for break-in
  • OEM Mitsubishi steering rack replaced (well-weighted, tight steering!)

Sits low and just so.

Engine Cooling and Exhaust

  • Samco radiator coolant hoses
  • Radiator drain valve (easier coolant flush)
  • Summer coolant – distilled water and MoCool
  • Winter storage coolant – 50/50 water/Prestone coolant
  • Spoon high-pressure radiator cap
  • Mugen low-temperature thermostat (83*C)
  • Mishimoto massive aluminum radiator
  • Flex-a-Lite electric fans
  • Vibrant HUGE front mount intercooler
  • Earls oil cooler in driver-side fender/bumper opening
  • Tanabe Super Hyper Medallion dual stainless-steel polished exhaust
  • Stainless-steel test-pipe (cat available)
  • RT Motorsport custom stainless-steel exhaust downpipe
  • EGR block-off plates
  • Delete – windshield washer bottle and motor

JLo's got nothing on this rear end

Suspension, Brakes and Drivetrain

  • 2nd Gen front 4-piston brake calipers – freshly rebuilt and power-coated red
  • 2nd Gen rear 2-piston brake calipers – freshly rebuilt and power-coated red
  • Centric Premium rotors front and rear
  • Carbotech XP16/12 high-performance brake pads
  • Earls stainless-steel braided brake lines
  • 5Zigen bronze 18×9.5 rims (1 has slight curb rash)
  • Falken Azenis RT615 tires (low tread)
  • Ksport Control Pro fully adjustable coilover suspension and camber plates
  • Custom built adjustable rear control arms
  • Ultimate Performance front and rear strut tower bars
  • New Mitsubishi balljoints and bushings throughout
  • Motul RBF600 high-performance brake fluid
  • Maximal Performance transfer case bracket (no t-case leaks, never launched)
  • Redline MTL fluid
  • Redline MT-90 differential fluid

Gauges anyone? Duct tape is for racers

In-Car Electronics and Interior

  • Genuine Bride Zeta III Sport fixed bucket racing seat (pictured but extra)
  • Wedge Engineering driver-side sliding seat rails (extra)
  • Mint stock leather electric driver-seat included
  • Autometer SportComp II boost pressure gauge
  • Autometer SportComp II oil pressure gauge
  • Autometer SportComp II pyrometer / egt gauge
  • Cianci A-pillar full replacement 3-gauge pod
  • Autometer SportComp II oil temperature gauge (duct taped to steering column)
  • AEM Wideband O2 sensors and gauges x 2 (1 for each bank)
  • Autometer SportComp water temperature gauge
  • Single-din 3 gauge plate mounted over headunit
  • APexi Auto Turbo Timer
  • Momo Jet steering wheel 350mm with carbon fiber inserts (extra)
  • Mint stock leather steering wheel and airbag included
  • Pioneer Premier single-din CD and MP3 headunit
  • Pioneer 450W 4-channel amp in trunk
  • Infinity Reference 6.5″ and 6×9″ speakers
  • Manual operation rear Active Aero wing switch
  • Manual operational optional electric radiator fan ON switch in-cabin
  • AEM EMS serial cable hookup in passenger foot well
  • Custom brushed aluminum “Twin Turbo” pedal replacement set including dead pedal
  • Levoc chrome trigger shift knob with leather insert
  • Seattle91VR4 Roller-Bearing short-throw shifter
  • Solid brass shifter bushings in-cabin and in-engine bay
  • LoCustoms Shark Attack II antenna
  • Battery relocation to trunk enclosed in Taylor aluminum battery box
  • Metal PDA mount on driverside door panel (remove it?)
  • Custom carpeted trunk covers
  • Battery quick disconnect knob
  • Delete – electric antenna motor
  • Delete – active exhaust motor
  • Delete – rear wiper and plugged hole with rubber gasket to prevent moisture

Large and in charge

Exterior and Cosmetic

  • Custom front bumper with larger openings (increased airflow and cooling) by Jack at KKT Auto
  • Custom side-mounted, removable license plate frame
  • Delete – front active area air dam, metal bar and motor
  • New 1999 Mitsubishi 3000GT rear garnish with chrome symbol
  • RT Motorsport custom engine undertray
  • RT Motorsport custom radiator baffles
  • Replaced “Twin Turbo” sail panels (spares available)


The Nothing’s Perfect List

It’s a sad fact that nothing in life is ever perfect.  As a detail-oriented person by nature, and a project manager by profession, the following items are a list of issues that I have found over the years with a critical eye.  I present them for full and fair disclosure but hope that you can appreciate the spectacular performance and value of the whole package.

  • Rear hatch latch rattles over bumps (FIXED – latch required adjustment and the rattle is now gone)
  • Wheel balance issue, I lost some wheel weights on the front right rim (FIXED – offending wheel balanced)
  • ABS relay failed and was removed, brakes work fine but the primitive ABS system no longer functions
  • Rear bumper has some carbon staining above the exhaust and needs a buffing to remove
  • Autometer SportCompII oil temperature gauge is duct taped to the steering column (undecided about mounting a pod)
  • Driverside dash vent is cracked
  • Ebrake light remains on even when the brake is not engaged (ebrake switch problem)
  • Driverside front lip paint is cracked from an unfortunate scrape on my dad’s driveway
  • Gas gauge needle reads 2-ticks over 3/4 when fully fueled
  • Dash tweeter speakers are not connected
  • Poorly touched up scratch (2cm long) on driverside rear quarter panel by previous owner
  • Nickel sized ding on hood
  • Autometer Sportcomp II pyrometer/EGT gauge illumination light not working, otherwise gauge works fine
  • In cold weather (0 to 5*C) idle oscillates from 1000 to 1200 RPM but idles steady in the summer
  • Driverside side-view mirror vibrates over bumps and at high-speed
  • Driverside side-view mirror viewing angle can’t be pushed out as far as I’d like

Full Photo Album Click Here

Posted Listings

This For Sale Ad has been posted on several locations on the Internet.  Here are links to the ads I have posted.


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  1. What are you doing….!


    Comment by Dmitry | November 3, 2011 | Reply

    • Trying to sell a car … what are you doing?


      Comment by imclumzy | November 3, 2011 | Reply

      • Trying to put my jaw back in its socket… WAIIIIIII?!

        Comment by Dmitry | November 3, 2011

  2. Just bought a mildly tuned 92 VR4 before I saw your ad; mine is a lot tamer. Do you recommend RT Motorsports for general maintenance of a VR4 (I know the do superb race tuning, but do they mind doing more mundane tasks…as I’m looking for a shop I can trust with my new “baby”.

    Comment by Lorne Cherry | April 8, 2012 | Reply

    • Rick @ RT will take care of you and treat you with respect … just be courteous. Tell him I sent you.

      Comment by imclumzy | April 8, 2012 | Reply

  3. Thanks, Rick is indeed a perfectionist …wouldn’t part with my ’92 VR4 until all was perfect. Going to do a round of upgrades next Spring. (AEM, DR750 turbos, etc.) + some carbon fiber to lighten things up. Slowly gathering up the parts as budget permits. The new DR 750 turbos are Titanium and are giving slightly over $600 AWHP on pump gas and a bone stock (internals) engine. (FMIC, big-ass injectors, fuel pump upgrades and a carbon fiber drive shaft).

    Is the new owner of your beast from Toronto area? If so, and you know his email (with his permission of course) I would like to see/compare his to mine, as our upgrade paths and performance goals seem similar.

    …and again, thanks for putting me on to Rick- Lorne

    Comment by Lorne Cherry | August 22, 2012 | Reply

    • Glad that you found Rick at RT so helpful. Be sure to tell him I said hi 🙂

      Unfortunately no the VR-4 is no longer in Toronto but has made a cross country trip to Alberta.

      Comment by imclumzy | August 23, 2012 | Reply

  4. Just wondering any good reliable shop in BC, I heard one in Abbotsford area few year back but forgot the name? We just got a 93′ Stealth. Thanks

    Comment by Sunny | May 23, 2016 | Reply

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